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Use PR To Build Your Best Team

Jim Collins famously advised companies to “get the right people on the bus” in his book Good to Great. This underscores the idea that hiring the right people is essential to the success of any business. You want to build a smart, motivated team made up of individuals who are excited about your vision and enthusiastic about your goals. What some may not know is that partnering with a PR firm can help your company build a thriving team.

Expand Visibility

Likely, there are thousands of people looking for jobs in your industry every day – but they will never know to consider your company unless they have heard of it. In order to recruit the best team, you need to be a visible and respected presence in your community and industry. PR firms use traditional, digital, and social media to help your company gain attention and communicate key messages about who you are and your company culture, what the organization is set out to accomplish and why people who work for your company are excited about its mission.

Communicate Benefits

There are a number of things potential employees will want to know before they consider joining your team. What kinds of benefits do you offer? What kind of workplace environment can they expect? What opportunities will they have for growing and advancing their careers? Good PR companies can help tell these stories through digital, social and earned media by showing how your company is unique and what makes it stand out from competitors.

Generate Buzz as an Employer of Choice

In the digital age, more and more job-seekers value what their peers think. You can bet that they are checking career sites for reviews to help guide their job search and gather information from current or past employees. A public relations company can work with you to uncover and promote stories that will resonate with both the media and job seekers. This can help build your company’s reputation as an employer of choice that can be trusted to treat its employees well.

If you are hoping to boost your company’s profile and hire the top talent in your industry, it’s essential to both be visible and have a good reputation. PR companies can assist with establishing your business as a vibrant, exciting place to work – which will help you build the team you need.

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