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Pens, Water Bottles, Caps and other Customized Promotional Products Build Your Business

Your marketing plan, if you want it to be an effective plan, should include customized promotional products. Any marketing plan that is going to be effective has to have several layers or components to reach the widest audience. Having layers of advertising in place will help you reach a much wider range of audience members.

The Focus

A lot of businesses make the mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket. In other words, they will focus all of their efforts into online marketing, or radio spots, or direct mailings but they live off the critical group that may not be paying attention to those efforts. The problem with advertising is that it can cast a wide net but not quite wide enough to capture everyone. Your focus has to be on reaching the audience members that are showing an interest in your business.

Promotional Products Work

Customized products that have been customized with your logo work. Studies have indicated that people that are given something in return for their time are more apt to learn about your business. Everyone likes to get something for free. The right products can endear you to the consumer. They work because:

  • They are a constant reminder of your business

  • They are useful tools that are appreciated so they foster interest and loyalty

  • They are easy to distribute

A one-minute radio spot lasts for one minute and only reaches the listeners that are listening at that exact minute. A customized product can easily become a part of their everyday routine and be used all the time with your logo for everyone to see.

People like having something tangible and it shows that you are interested in their business. Let dkspecialties help you choose the products that work!

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