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What is Satellite Internet?

There was a time in the technological world when Ethernet based wired connectivity was the norm. This then progressed to both the Ethernet based and wireless connectivity that we are now familiar with in today’s world. But did you know that a third type of connectivity to the internet also exists? This is internet connectivity that is facilitated through communications satellites or satellite internet.

What is this Anyway?

It is a fact that our planet rotates at a constant speed around its own axis. What if a communications satellite revolves around the earth at the same speed as the earth’s rotation? We would then have what is referred to as a Geostationary satellite. In this case, it is stationary as far as the ground based receiver is concerned.

A satellite internet connection is when the outgoing data that is sent from, and incoming data that is received by a computer happens through a satellite. The latency for this type of communication will be higher than a land-based communication system as the satellite is normally 23,000 miles above the equator without much to get in the way of the signal.

Each internet subscriber will have a satellite dish antenna and a transmitter / receiver to facilitate this type of internet connection. Normal uplink speeds are from 50 to 150 Kpbs, while downlink speeds can be anything between 50 and 1200 Kpbs, much slower than a fixed line broadband.

This is an ideal option (possibly the only option) for people living in remote rural areas where a fixed line broadband connection through a modem, is not possible.

Your Commercial Wireless Company

SAFELINK Internet Services is an ISP or internet service provider based in the US in Idaho, providing fast satellite internet service when and where you need it in Idaho and certain parts of neighboring states Oregon and Montana. They have over 10,500 loyal customers and still counting.

Contact them on their webpage so you can sign up for your broadband connection or you can also call them on (888) 692-5776 for more information. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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