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Updating Your Neighborhood Recreation Center with Electronic Signage

A neighborhood recreational center has an important responsibility to its community. Some communities use the local recreation center for many activities which can’t take place anywhere else. For example, families who cannot afford to have a pool could take a child to the recreational center for a birthday pool party. Recreation centers are an important fixture in some neighborhoods, and updating small things, such as electronic signage boards, throughout the recreation center can have a positive impact on the neighborhood.


If a recreation center has outdoor and indoor scoreboards for a baseball field, soccer field, or basketball court, updating from a traditional scoreboard to an LED scoreboard can make a difference for customers who are using those areas for sports activities. LED scoreboards are brighter, have a sharper image, and are more energy and cost efficient for the recreation center. LED scoreboards can also be programmed with animations that play when a score is entered. For example, if a basketball player makes a goal, a celebratory animation can be played on the scoreboard, which motivates players and the cheering crowds.

Using Signs to Communicate with Customers

Electronic signage boards are a better choice than signage boards that must be manually changed. With electronic signs, information can be changed easily and quickly in comparison to traditional signs that must be updated manually. Electronic signs can be used to advertise activities and business hours at night, when traditional signage may have no light at all or may not be as bright. Electronic signs are engineered to require little maintenance and as few updates as possible, which makes them a better investment for the long run.

A neighborhood recreation center is a meeting place for families and friends to join together and enjoy each other’s company. Electronic signage boards help keep the local community informed of upcoming community events by serving as a community bulletin board.

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