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Signs You Need A Dental Marketing Consultant

Most dentists and dental office managers are not marketing experts. While there may be occasional marketing campaigns to bring in new patients, this is often limited to a mailing campaign once or twice a year and perhaps a few posts on social media.

A simple solution to developing a comprehensive, effective, and targeted campaign is to hire a dental marketing consultant. These professionals specialize in bringing the practice to the attention of new potential patients, helping to increase the patient base, and allowing for steady growth of the practice.

Knowing when to bring in a dental marketing consultant is the first step in more effective marketing of the practice. There are several key signs to look for in determining if a consultant would benefit the practice.

What Marketing Plan?

One of the flashing signs of the need for a dental marketing consultant is the lack of a marketing plan. Many dental offices do not have a strategy in place, which leads to a scattered marketing strategy with very limited impact and short or long-term benefits.

Marketing is Costing Money with Limited Returns

Sometimes, marketing plans are in place in the practice, but they are old, outdated, ineffective, or incorrectly matched to the specific target audience. A top marketing consultant specializing in dental practices will be instrumental in making changes with top return on investment. Additionally, the consultant will build in analytics to evaluate how different marketing campaigns meet objectives, allowing for continual refinement and success.

Great Ideas but No Time

In many offices, people have great ideas of how to market the practice. However, they simply do not have the time to plan, organize, implement, and evaluate the marketing campaign.

By hiring an experienced consultant, all aspects of the campaign will be handled by the professional. The office staff can focus on patient care, which will also increase marketing through positive word-of-mouth referrals.

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