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A Few Steps to Increase Reviews On Amazon

When selling items on, whether you are brand new to the market or are an old-time seller for the company, reviews are vital to selling your product. When a prospective buyer looks through competing products, the first move a savvy consumer makes is to check the reviews between the competing items. What aspects are positive or negative? How was the shipping experience perceived? Is this product actually what was ordered?
While there are websites to help guide one through the process on how to increase reviews on Amazon, it is a simple process. While Amazon themselves have started the Early Reviewer Program, it can be indirect, and reviews can come in at an unguaranteed rate.

Better Your Chances of Reviews

* Sell high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Make sure that your price differs from your competitors, and make sure that the product arrives in the same condition as it was when it left your hands or those of the fulfillment center. Shipping costs are important, though Prime members pay a flat rate for free twos day shipping, consumers tend to search for the best deal on a high-quality product.

* Send a follow-up email to the consumer.

Responding to a buyer directly can always leave a sense that they were well taken care of. Ask if they received their product on time and if they are satisfied with the product as well. Maintaining a warm and conversational tone between seller and consumer is one way to encourage the same person buy again from you or leave a positive review on the items they purchased. Keep in mind the Prohibited Seller Activities when concerned the follow-up email.

* Make it clear to consumers that you want to give them the best experience in buying your product.

If you make your company and product memorable or have it leave a lasting impression, can also increase customer reviews. Continuously using a logo or have a key phrase or name that you can attach to your company or product is only one way to do this. If a consumer remembers the experience clearly, it will be easier for them to leave a positive review.

Harder than It Looks

While some of these steps may seem easy, they are only just a few in the wide scale of possibilities of how to increase reviews on Amazon., for instance, can help with the process by outlining the specific problems sellers face in maintaining positive reviews. As a seller you want your product to have the best image for it, Amazon is a competitive company, and you’re going to want to stand out.

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