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Small Business Reputation Management Tips

Some small business owners believe that having a reputation strategy is something that only matters for the large businesses, but there is nothing farther from the truth. Every business needs to be concerned about what is being said about them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a larger business with multi-locations, pet supply store, restaurant, or dentist office, monitoring reviews and comments online is essential to success.

Engaging with Your Audience

When working with business reputation management, you must remember that reputation is an effort between both you and your customers. Customers can help you by recommending your business to friends or leaving excellent reviews. Sometimes that requires a bit of effort on your part. We’ll look at how to do so below.

Asking for Reviews

On your website, it’s important to have links to Yelp, Google, or other sites where your company is reviewed. If you have a physical location, place a sign that reminds people to leave a review. This can also be on menus, brochures, and other materials. You can even implement content on your site that encourages website visitors to leave a review and hyperlink a button or text to direct them to the platform you’re looking to build stellar reviews on.

Social Media Engagement

If you don’t have social media for your business, the first step is to rectify that. You want to monitor your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, as well. If you are engaged with the people who are following you, this makes it more likely that you will be recommended to the customer’s friends or that people will share your unique content.

SMS Marketing

Text messaging services are an excellent option for a business of any size interested in better business reputation management. When you choose out a text message, most people are going to open it as soon as they set it. That means you have a way to reliably reach your customers quickly. Customers who see your name are more likely to shop form you again but also may recommend you and write reviews for you.

Customer Service

When building a reputation, it matters how your customers are treated. Most people are more than happy to forgive a mistake if you have shown you try to fix the mistake. This means your employees must be helpful, solution-oriented, and courteous at all times. Another part of this is having specific policies regarding exchanges, refunds, and other matters relevant to your company.

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