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5 Questions to Tackle Before You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring digital marketing services in Jacksonville can help you improve consumer engagement, boost conversions, and make growth possible. But finding the right agency isn’t easy. Read on for tips on how to make it happen.

How will you help my site rank higher on the SERPs?

Find out what the agency’s process is like. Be on the lookout for any black hat techniques they may be using, like buying low-quality links. If the firm tells you that they will make your site rank first for certain keywords, that could be a red flag.

What results can I expect in six months?

It’s going to be hard to estimate the results for any client. But when you pick an agency, look for one that’s honest about the results you may get. They won’t guarantee anything. But they’ll tell you what you can look forward to or guard against, based on several factors, the Entrepreneur says.

Do you know how to fix penalized pages?

If you already tried black hat techniques before and nearly all your pages got penalized overnight after changes in Google’s Algorithm, then it’s going to be prudent to ask the firm whether they have any experience helping pages like that recover. Keep that in mind when you check out firms for digital marketing services in Jacksonville.

What kind of content will you put in?

It’s important that everything on your site is reflective of your brand’s character and personality. If the firm is going to put in new and fresh content, the content needs to be aligned with your brand.

What is my business about?

The best marketing agency is the one that achieves the goals at the core of your business. The agency should fully understand your organization, making it easier for the firm to generate campaigns that capture the interest and attention of your buying audience.

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