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Promote Your Company With Facebook Ad Management Services in San Diego

Facebook is regularly used by more web users than any other social media platform on the World Wide Web. For this reason, combined with the top-tier free advertising and marketing analytic tools offered to advertisers by Facebook, the network is one of the most popular advertising channels in the entire world. Even though Facebook makes it easy to reach a targeted customer base, there are still many things that Facebook doesn’t tell advertisers about how to reach their full potential. As such, you could benefit from checking out these tips and implementing them into your repertoire.

Whip Up Several Copies of Advertorial Text

Although this measure might seem both redundant and wasteful, it’s a good way to reduce your cost per click when advertising pay-per-click ads on Facebook. After coming up with an ad, write at least four different versions of copy to accompany it. Plug in all four of the copies and see which one yields the cheapest cost per click. Writing several copies of advertorial text for the same ads can actually end up saving you tons of money.

Relevance Is Very Important, Frequency Not So Much

When advertising on Facebook, you will undoubtedly come across these two words: relevance and frequency. People don’t click on ads or even look at ads that don’t match their interests. As such, it only makes sense to advertise strictly in high-relevancy situations. If you don’t know how to use relevancy or frequency, you might need some Facebook ad management services in San Diego.

Show Off New Product Lines With Carousel

Facebook offers a type of ads known as carousel ads, which line up multiple pictures of products that are tied to links consumers can click on for more information. Carousel ads are great for audiences who tend to buy many items per shopping trip.

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