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Targeted Marketing For Senior Living in Charlotte North Carolina

Marketing to individuals who have to make the difficult decision about their parents can be touchy and sometimes difficult. SENIOROI provides senior living marketing services to senior living facilities that communicate in the most sensitive manner possible. They provide custom prospect lists to senior living facilities of the decision makers and key family influencers. They use proprietary data to identify high value prospects using extremely accurate information to engage highly targeted prospects. They are not focused on finding quantity; their focus is on quality for the right prospects. They have the ability to create custom marketing solutions that reach the exact targeted audience. They give senior living facilities what they need to strategically nurture and generate leads. They have over 30 years of experience in direct marketing and are the only vendor in the industry that owns a 50,000 square foot production facility that prints and mails their campaign materials. SENIOROI uses a number of marketing systems to target prospective clients. They use a tracking and reporting system that includes direct mail call reports and mail delivery reports. This ensures that their marketing efforts are effective.

SENIOROI provides leading senior living marketing services that provide senior living facilities the information they need for the right marketing campaigns. They have an innate ability to pinpoint exactly who the target audience is. Their processes are extremely accurate, and they use an integrated multi-channel delivery system that optimizes return on investment. If you’re looking for a way to increase your marketing efforts in the senior living facility industry, contact SENIOROI today at

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