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Finding The Best Motivator For Your Staff

There is nothing worse than planning a special event for your staff to create inspiration and motivation to have the speaker and the presentation fall flat on your audience. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, it is probably not a direct reflection on the speaker, but rather a lack of alignment between the speaker and the audience.

Real-World Experience

The best motivator is a speaker who can relate to the real-world experiences of the audience. The speaker will have both experience and expertise that allows them to draw from their own professional life. Motivation for sales reps is often a “one-size-fits-all” approach, which may be initially motivating, but it does not create the desired results for the management and the team.

Customized Presentation

The best motivator will customize or tailor the presentation to the specific audience. This is only possible if the speaker has the background expertise and the speaking confidence to be able to make those changes. Speaking is truly an art, and an effective speaker combines humor, insight, and powerfully motivational messages that have a long-term impact on the lives of participants.

Take the time to talk to the speaker and determine the willingness to create a custom presentation. Topics, focus areas, and even presentation styles are always essential to customize to the audience.

Consider Presentation Options

There are different possible presentation options, including online webinars, keynotes, or workshops. Different presentation options can be one of the best motivators to overcome challenges and logistics in getting participants to the presentation.

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