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Cloud Hosting: 3 Factors In Choosing The Right Service

There are many different options in cloud hosting services and providers. Choosing the right match for a business is an important decision. As a general guideline, understanding the specific needs for cloud computing for the business is essential in tailoring the service to meet your requirements.

However, no matter how specialized the cloud computing needs may be, there are three factors that play into the decision with any business. These issues are sometimes overlooked as they are basic. Focusing on these issues ensures safety, security, and performance.

Reputation of the Cloud Hosting Service

A quick review of any cloud hosting service provides valuable insight into the quality of the service you can expect. Look for uptime and downtime information, the ability to respond to customer service requests, and the focus on ensuring required accreditations, credentials, and standards are in place.

Security Offered

For many businesses, Security as a Service or SecaaS is an important factor to consider. The cloud hosting service provides basic security infrastructure for their service, including hybrid, public, private, and specialized types of clouds. Security is a crucial factor as a security breach has a negative impact on any business. Encryption from end to end is essential to provide enhanced security.

Location of Data Centers

To remain in compliance with all data governance and transmission regulations, working with cloud hosting services with multiple data center locations is helpful. This ensures the data stays within specific geographic areas, limiting any potential risks of violation of any standards or local laws.

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