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Most Used Types of Digital Advertising in Sydney

Digital advertising has completely taken over the marketing business and this trend will continue to expand and dominate. Keeping up with the latest trends is critical for company owners, advertisers, and marketers. Here is a look at the most used types of digital advertising in Sydney.

Digital Ads

This type is the most basic type of digital advertising and consists of graphics and text. This type of ad may be seen on websites and blogs as banners or landing pages. The key distinction is that display advertising does not appear in search results. Display advertising is usually cheap and easy to set up.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is comparable to display advertising, but it is more targeted and purposeful in its placement. These ads are often worked into people’s feeds for the sole purpose of being seen and noticed. There are four types of native advertising: promoted listings, search ads, in-feed, and recommendation widgets. This type of digital advertising in Sydney uses people’s habits and search histories to show them relevant ads.

Search Engine Marketing

This type of digital advertising is one of the most popular options because of how dependable it is. Search engine marketing is so dependable because it advertises your business using specific keywords that potential customers are already searching for.

Search engine marketing includes pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Pay-per-click allows businesses to pay search engines to place their ad on the first page of results, while search engine optimization requires the business to put in some work to get ranked on the first page.

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