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Have a Chicago Business You Wish You Could Put on Auto-Pilot?: AI Solutions

Sometimes a business gets too big and you haven’t had time to hire more help. What can you possibly do to keep up and still respond to potential customers? One Chicago, IL company has the AI small business solutions in Chicago, IL businesses like yours can really benefit from. Here are a couple of of AI small business solutions for Chicago, IL businesses like yours.

Chat Bots

Sure, chat bots aren’t the human experience, but in truth, chat bots can be programmed to answer really basic and common questions as well as more complex questions. If customers are coming to your company site at all odd hours, wouldn’t you want to provide them with something that might answer a question or two? That’s exactly what this AI solution does. You can scale it up or down, programming it to answer and redirect customers however you see fit. Customers can find out your operating hours, where to go on the site for specific products, etc.. Consider adding the chat bot to your site to help keep up with customer inquiries.

Have AI Build You a Better Website (or Your Initial Website!)

Yes, AI can build websites. Plug and drop what’s important to you into the program and watch the AI create the perfect website for you. Use it to build your first business website, or use it to recreate the website you have for a fresh new look and easy, user-friendly pages. To find out more about these tools, contact GoLive via

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