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Common SEO Mistakes And Tips For Correcting The Problems

Business owners across Ireland, particularly those with small businesses and startups, typically take on more than one role within the business. Unfortunately, this often means specific aspects of the business are not properly addressed and managed.

A very good example of this is creating a website and digital presence using a do-it-yourself plan. Templates and content or keywords that are not accurate or are simply copied from other websites will not improve your ranking on search engine results pages. In fact, this practice may actually penalise you through Google and other search engines.

As a small business, common search engine optimization mistakes will affect your bottom line. They limit traffic to your website and eliminate the potential for organic growth through search engine results. To address this concern, hiring an experienced digital marketing agency ensures your business has a customised SEO strategy that matches business goals and plans.

Mistake: Poorly Designed Website

Google and other search engines have sophisticated algorithms that look at far more than just keywords. The design of the website, use of meta tags, navigation of the site, content, and links to reputable sites are all factors that play a significant role in rankings on search engine pages.

Mistake: Lack of Keyword Research

A key factor in SEO is using the terms the target audience is typing in the search box. Vague keywords or highly specific keywords are not effective for most businesses in Ireland. Vague keywords attract too wide of a consumer or user, which creates a high bounce rate and drops the website down the search engine rankings. Specific keywords limit the audience and miss prospective buyers and customers.

Mistake: No Strategy

SEO in Ireland, like any part of a business marketing strategy, must be planned in advance to be measurable and effective. A quality digital marketing firm starts with strategy first, then creates a bespoke approach to search engine optimization that drives traffic to your website, boosts conversions, and helps your business to grow.

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